2 295 kr
  • Round Shape
  • 45° 3K Carbon
  • 350–365 gr.
  • Soft EVA
  • VIBRATION Dampener
  • Double Tube Frame


Slazenger Padel Challenge No.4 is a 3K round-shaped racket with medium balance, and optimized weight around 355 g 

The 2024 model has been given a series of new features to further enable and elevate the materials used in its composition, and most important – your game.

  • Longer Handle will increase torque in your shots with a more direct power from the handle, meanwhile enabling the two-handed backhand.
  • AeroFen is an aerodynamic feature added to the outside of the frame, just above the throat. The aerial splitter cuts through the air and improve the aerodynamic capabilities. Allowing you to increase your swing speed.
  • VIBRATION Dampener will reduce potential vibrations leading to discomfort in your game, or even injuries. The Dampener is directly injected rubber placed in the handle.
  • Double Tube Frame increases stability and provides support by not allowing the racket to decompress in hard shots. The Double Tube Frame will also further increase durability in the entire racket.

45° 3K Carbon is both crucial to the structural strength of the racket, while also allowing more carbon to be activated in each shot. With the top layer turned 45° you will be able to increase spin and release the full capacity of the carbon.

For all type of players that prefers a racket with high level of control and a lighter racket. Also, our panther grooves provide the perfect spin together with the 45° Carbon.